Sunday, April 08, 2007


Call language alive. Most of the time I listen to other people's conversations and look for ways the language gives us a moment of irony, or pure pleasure. The other day I was sitting in the den while my eight year old daughter was talking about a show on TV and the fact that a live show would be performed in the cities. Usually my daughter's discussions on nickelodeon or don't interest me. However, something in this exchange caused deeper reflection.

My daughter's friend asked how she learned about the show. My daughter replied, " I googled it."

The term google was not in my childhood vocabulary. It certainly wasn't a verb. Somehow, it's evolved from technology and our daily habits. Admittedly, I google things all the time. But where does the language grow from? It could be a marker in aging, to hear new words used in new ways. It is quite enjoyable