Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dutch Oven, or an ode to love lost

* A "dutch oven" is the act of farting whilst in bed & under the blankets, followed by covering your significant other's head with the blanket. This procedure is sometimes referred to as a "covered wagon."

I remember the first time we were so intimate
and comfortable with our love
you weren't too embarrassed
after you belched from chugging beer.

Later that night, I decided to pass gas in bed
to give us something to share. A light moment before love.

I learned your smells so well. I inhaled your dirty shirts
just before I loaded the wash; I kept your hair tie in my pocket
to breathe in the privacy of a public bathroom stall.

Today, I thought I saw you on the city bus, sporting shades,
and a new hair style. I sat in the row behind, hoping
for one quick whiff.

It wasn't you, darling.
And now
your burps and farts are what I miss.