Friday, May 30, 2008

dumping the notebook

a few entries from my notebook.

05/23/2008--Went golfing today. Funny how something so elitist as golf can become an obsession for me. I do feel kind of awkward on the golf course, or maybe self-concesoius is a better term. It's not that I may swing and miss the ball( though I have in the past), more like when I'm there I belong to this macho fraternity, but everyone else around me understands some inside joke I'm not privy to.

05/25/2008--Had a visitor come this weekend from Mpls. We sat outside and cooked out. We sat around the fire most of the night staring at the flames licking the top of the fire pit. He remarked how life seems slow out here. Slow and quiet. He said he likes coming out this way because it's relaxing. I'm going to be honest, I've never thought of my home in that way.

05/26/2008--The graves are cleaned and flowers now adorn the headstones. I didn't weep this year and I don't know how to feel about that... I know it's someone's birthday today, but I can't figure out who... I'm not real sure what memorial day means. Is it a time to picnic, a time to honor fallen vets, honor dead family, or something else?

addendum: check out the poem "decoration day" by adrian louis